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About Us

Let’s work hand in hand for your child’s brighter future.

About the Owner

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Yvonne Rodgers is a licensed childcare provider in the state of Maryland. She and her husband have been living in their own residence in Morningside since July 2000. During leisure time, they find enjoyment in their neighborhood as they described it a quiet and peaceful place to live. Together, they raised their three kids at home. They also own a Bichon Frise house dog named Fluffy. Fluffy has been with them since it was still a baby. Their family has been so dear and close to this dog. According to Yvonne, he is healthy as called by the veterinarian and takes regular immunizations from time to time. And to keep him safe, they put him in a separate area during the day. However, he would bark and sniff when he meets a person new to him. But as he gets to bond and be familiar with, he no longer does the same thing. Yvonne Rodgers would like children to get to know Fluffy so they can be comfortable playing with him.

In addition, Yvonne is also a former DoD Government worker with skills in Administration, Management, and Budgeting. She is a First Aid/CPR and a trainer in infant and toddler caregiving, medication administration, childcare training, SID (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), developmental screening, all children with disabilities, emergency preparedness planning and health and safety training.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a loving, warm, nurturing, and safe environment for all children. At Precious Little Ones, we are committed to offering an all-inclusive program that gives opportunities for skill development, personal growth, and exposure to new experiences.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the best time to begin the molding process.
  • We believe that a child’s environment should be friendly and conducive to learning.
  • We believe that a childcare center should be one of the avenues where a child can be developed physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.
  • We are focused on being the starting block on a child’s journey to educational achievement.
  • We believe that it is through education that we gain success.

Our Goals

  • To provide a nurturing environment for children and recognize their individual needs
  • To provide a variety of recreational and learning activities in a safe and loving environment
  • To provide opportunities for kids to grow and develop with the help of a stimulating and age-appropriate program
  • To give every child the opportunity to demonstrate and share their own personality, talents, experiments, and more
  • To help children with special health needs, especially those with a disability. (If your child has special needs, please provide your child’s IFSP or IEP. These items will help me assist your child with his/her educational needs.)