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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


A safe, conducive setting for your kids’ developmental progress is what we strive to maintain.


children playing with ballsPrecious Little Ones offers indoor and outdoor space for kids to be creative and active. Our center is clean and child-proofed. Our learning area is specialized to prepare them for the school environment outside PLO. To stimulate and lighten up kids’ interests, our day care center has a variety of age-appropriate tool and equipment which they can use during leisure time. We have a colorful wall decor, a cozy book area for reading, block area, dramatic play areas, and an equal-sized table, chairs. We also prepare puzzles, games, and more.


To raise an effective and healthy child, his/her wellness must be re-assessed from time-to-time. At Precious Little Ones, our floors, bathroom, toys, and equipment are cleaned daily. We also teach children how to wash their hands properly while reinforcing good manners and life morals.