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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Compliant Policy

“Precious Little Ones” is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education. The daycare strives at all times to uphold the highest standards as a quality early childhood program in and above accordance with Licensing Regulations. If at any time during your child’s enrollment, you have concerns about your child’s care or safety, we encourage you to speak to us first. If you have unresolved licensing complaints, please call or write the Maryland Department of Education Licensing Information:

Office of Child Care Region 4 (Prince George’s County)
Maryland State Department of Education
807 Brightseat Road,
Landover, MD 20785

Child Abuse/Neglect Policy

As child care providers we are required by law to report any suspicion that a child is being abused, neglected or at risk within 12 hours of the incident occurring, by making a verbal report to OCC and CPS. Your child can be questioned by child protective services at any time without your consent.

Health Policy

The Health Policy of “Precious Little Ones”, is designed to best meet the needs of our children, and our parents. In order to minimize the spread of illness among children. It is important that parents have alternative care whenever your child shows signs of illness. Any child with a fever of 100 degrees or above, may not attend daycare. State law requires that we notify parents of children who have been exposed to certain contagious diseases. Please notify us if your child becomes infected, so a note can be posted. A note from doctor stating non-contagious is ok.

(See: parent handbook page 8 & 9)

Medication Policy

The provider shall not administer prescription or non-prescription medications to a child without the written consent of the parents/guardians and a statement from a physician. However parents/guardians must administer a dose before the child comes to daycare and sign the form each day medication is needed for administrating. Due to storage and safety concerns, it is strongly recommended that all medications be administered at home or during the school day. If this is not possible, we will administer medication, food supplements, modified diets, or sunscreen only with the completion of a “Request for Administration of Medication Form”. Medication with the child’s name, and physician’s name on it, only one dose will be given during the 9 hour stay. If you need to bring your ill/sick child to childcare please supply the following items.

(See: parent handbook page 9)

Behavior /Discipline Policy

It is very important that a child’s development is nurtured through caring, patience and understanding. However, at times children misbehave, hit, kick, spit, and result to hostile behaviors which will hurt another child. These behaviors are not permitted at our daycare. If your child’s behavior is very disruptive or harmful to himself or other children, we will discuss the issue with you privately. If the situation can be resolved, the child will remain enrolled. If we are unable to resolve the issue, you may be asked to make other childcare arrangements.


  • Kids will have choices to play with toys certain times throughout the day
  • Kids will have choices to read books alone during evening times
  • Kids will have choices to do arts & crafts during evening times
  • Kids will have choices to play with games during evening times


  • Use positive language to explain desired behavior
  • Redirect your child to a new activity, if needed
  • Your child will be moved to a time-out, no longer than one minute per year of your child’s age

Confidentiality Policy

“Precious Little Ones Daycare”, exercises extreme confidentiality of all information concerning a child attending the daycare. All records are kept in individual files and put away. Only the owner or parent, is permitted to review a child’s records. No information will be released regarding a child(ren) to any other person(s) or entities with the exception of any authorized state and federal agencies.

Photographing/Video Taping

Pictures will be taken of children during activities such as indoor/outdoor activities, group pictures, and special events. They will be used for our childcare website or Face Book page ONLY with the signed permission of parents. Absolutely, no photographs of any child will be released to a third party without written consent of parent(s) or legal guardian, with the exception of state and federal agencies who has the proper identification.

* Note: Our daycare is monitored by video surveillance for the protection of our children while in our care.