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To fully support your child’s developmental milestones, Precious Little Ones specializes a program for school-aged kids.

girl with paint on hand smilingOur program consists of an array of developmental support for kids in all areas. Each of our childcare professionals makes sure to utilize every moment to enhance their learning progress and harness their skills. During our indoor sessions, we let them participate in the activities while getting to know the other kids in the center. And when playtime comes, we encourage them to engage in physical and mental-enhancing activities. Our child-friendly equipment is all packaged to help them reach their fullest abilities. We are here to guide parents and be with them in raising an effective child.

The following are the programs we offer:

For more details about our programs and our facility, please do not hesitate to contact our on-call staff at 240-716-8607 / 301-278-7613.